Why Choose Us?

We Utilize Technology to Engage Kids – Parents – Teachers

Early connect 365 looks to rebuild the connections between schools, teachers, parents and students. Our purpose is to allow parents and teachers to understand the student’s progress, journey, and highlights of their learning experience. This allows for parents to stay updated on their children, while allowing teachers to personalize teaching content to students. Early connect 365 uses advanced AI to create a personalized story summary from answered prompts of students. 


We Look to

Engage Parents

We aim to engage parents by providing them with insightful updates and tools to actively participate in their child’s educational growth, fostering a stronger connection between home and school.

Enhance Teching

We strive to enhance teaching by offering teachers personalized insights into students’ progress and innovative tools to create interactive and engaging learning experiences, ultimately inspiring students to excel.

Excite Children

We seek to excite children by providing them with fun and interactive learning experiences tailored to their interests and learning styles, empowering them to thrive and achieve their full potential.

About Us

We are a dynamic and passionate team committed to reigniting engagement within the education system. With a focus on fostering strong connections between schools, teachers, parents, and children, we aim to advance the educational experience.


Our mission is to make education more engaging and connected. We want to help parents be more involved, give teachers better tools, and make learning fun for kids. Together, we’re creating a brighter future for education.


Our vision is to lead the way in transforming education. We aim to be the foremost influence in driving innovation, empowering educators, and engaging parents and students in a collaborative educational journey. Through our efforts, we aspire to set new standards and inspire positive change in education worldwide.

Video Explanation

Here is a brief video explaining what we do!

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Our Goals

arrow, arrow pointing right, bullet-1293392.jpgEnhancing teachers’ insight into children, fostering more effective and personalized care.

arrow, arrow pointing right, bullet-1293392.jpgEmpowering educators to create tailored learning experiences from children story summaries.

arrow, arrow pointing right, bullet-1293392.jpgBoosting children engagement and participation, enriching the Institution’s learning environment.

arrow, arrow pointing right, bullet-1293392.jpgProviding parents with regular, detailed updates on their child’s developmental milestones and achievements.

arrow, arrow pointing right, bullet-1293392.jpgCultivating a stronger partnership between Institution, parents, and children.